Trailer: Ethan Hawke in Getaway

It's Taken but in a car! Yes, Ethan Hawke stars in Getaway which has a similar vibe to almost all Nicolas Cage/Liam Neeson action films that we've seen in the last two years. That's by no means a bad thing - as you'll see from the trailer, Getaway looks like solid genre fun.

Hawke plays Brent Magma (seriously), a man forced to get behind the wheel and perform a series of dubious tasks for a mysterious caller who is holding Brent's wife hostage. One of these tasks involves kidnapping The Kid (aka Selena Gomez). There's also a shifty appearance from Jon Voight - we're not sure why.

Directed by Courtney Solomon (An American Haunting), Getaway hits US and Australian cinemas on the 30th of August, followed by a UK release on October 4th.

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