Poster: Catherine Hardwicke's Plush

Plush, Catherine Hardwicke's latest feature, seems to be taking somewhat of a low-key approach to promotion, it arrives in the US in less than a month (the 13th of September exactly) and we are finally just seeing the first poster now.

Billed as an erotic thriller, Plush follows a young up-and-coming rock star (Emily Browning) who's mental state hits a downward spiral after the death of her band mate brother. The arrival of a handsome yet mysterious new guitarist (Xavier Samuel) only serves to complicate matters further. Cam Gigandet and Thomas Dekker co-star.

If you look closely you can spy Cam Gigandet and a heavily made-up Xavier Samuel in Emily's sunglasses which is nice.

Plush hits US cinemas on the 13th of September, no word on a UK date as of yet - which is not so nice. You can see the full poster below.

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