Trailer: Halle Berry Stars in The Call (UK Trailer)

The Call received its US theatrical last March and proved a bigger financial success than anyone was thinking (Box Office anticipated the film would make $11-12 million, yet it went on to make just under $60m). The film has now been picked up for UK release on September 20th.

Halle Berry stars as Jordan Turner, a veteran 911 call operator who makes an error of judgement which shakes her confidence. However, before reassessing her life Jordan is called into handle the case of a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) abducted by a serial killer (Michael Eklund).

The Call looks set to be a high-octane return to form for Halle Berry - winning over both critics and audiences in the States. It is directed by Brad Anderson.

British audiences can see Halle Berry and her funky hair in The Call from September 20th 2013. 

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