Trailer: De Niro & Travolta in Killing Season

It's John Travolta versus Robert De Niro in Mark Steven Johnson's (Daredevil) Killing Season. The film details a volatile encounter of two veterans from the Bosnian War - one American (De Niro) and the other Serbian (Travolta).

We always enjoy when De Niro steps into the world of action cinema (a la Machete and Killer Elite) as he's one of the world's most loved veteran tough guys. Travolta is equally solid - despite the trailer giving us snippets of a somewhat amusing accent. The aesthetic seems a little similar to 1997's The Edge, which is by no means a bad thing and Evan Daughtery (Snow White and the Huntsman)'s screenplay looks set to focus on a clever concept. But let's be honest, we just want to see Travolta and De Niro knock lumps out of each other.

Killing Season gets its US release on the 12th July 2013. Other territories will have to wait to see the full glory of Travolta's neck-beard until Autumn.

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