Feature: Mid-Year Top 10

As we are over half-way through the year, it seems like an apt time to have a quick look at our ten highlight so far. Here we go...

10. Arbitrage

Why? Richard Gere doesn't appear on screen nearly as much as we'd like - but when he does it is good (let's pretend Movie 43 never existed). This was a striking tour de force from Gere with a slick script and wonderfully tense direction from Nicholas Jarecki.
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9. In The House

Why? Francois Ozon provides psychological thrills galore in this tense, highly original French feature.
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8. Stoker

Why? This slice of Southern Gothic was one of this year's most unexpected treats. Undeniably dark and atmospheric with lingeringly powerful performances from Matthew Goode, Nicole Kidman, and Mia Wasikowska.

7. The Paperboy

Why? Lee Daniels' feature was as pulpy, sweaty and dark as we could have dreamed. A vampy turn from Nicole Kidman and a semi-clothed Zac Efron help make The Paperboy one of the trashiest films in recent years. We feel sleazy even including it here.
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6. I'm So Excited

Why? It's an explosion of camp at 30,000 feet. Who can honestly say they wouldn't want to perform at Pointer Sisters number whilst on a plane?
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5. Bernie

Why? We never thought we would say this, but Jack Black is utterly magnificent in the charming, humorous and emotionally raw Bernie.

4. Phil Spector

Why? The Phil Spector trial is perhaps one of the most fascinating celebrity court cases of all time and David Mamet's picture is as engrossing as you would expect. Staggeringly brilliant performances from Al Pacino and Helen Mirren also ensure this is another winner for HBO.

 3. The Last Stand

Why? Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback is all that we could have hoped and more. The most fun action features in recent years.
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2. Django Unchained

Why? It proves to be terrific fun from the onset with stellar performances, gripping dialogue and more than a few homages to the classic Euro-western.
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1. Behind the Candelabra

Why? Michael Douglas and Matt Damon flawlessly lead this tale of romance and hurt against a marvelously crafted backdrop of Hollywood kitsch, excess, and isolation.
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