Red-Band Trailer: Aftershock

The red-band trailer for Nicolas Lopez's earthquake horror, Aftershock, has just hit the web today and it promises gore-galore.

Like many a horror film, Aftershock begins with Americans in an exotic locale looking to party (American's just love a party, don't they?), but of course things go horribly wrong. In the case of Aftershock this erm... wrong-ness is a nasty Chilean earthquake which results in widespread panic and general chaos, as seen in the trailer below.

Lopez's film seems rather gore-heavy - from hand snapping to impalings - but our personal favourite gory over-the-top moment has to be in the final seconds of the trailer which sees the crazy decapitation of a woman popping out of a sewer. We're also rather excited to see horror's golden boy, Eli Roth, in a leading role - which looks set to be quite exciting. He will star alongside Selena Gomez (or as us 'stans' like to call her Selelegend) and Lorenza Izzo.

Aftershock is released 'everywhere' on May 10th... but not the UK and Europe, obviously.

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