Trailer: Ryan Kwanten in Knights of Badassdom

We're rather excited for upcoming indie comedy, Knights of Badassdom, the latest feature from Joe Lynch (the man behind Wrong Turn 2). Starring Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Steve Zahn and Peter Dinklage, Lynch's feature follows a group of 'live action role players' who accidentally summon a demonic succubus.

The first trailer for the feature gives us plenty of little pleasures to enjoy, such as an over-zealous turn from Peter Dinklage - belting out lines like "There be monsters in need of pummelin'," and an appearance from Community's Danny Pudi. Of course, LARPers(?) are an easy target for comic fodder, so we hope there is slightly more humour to Knights of Badassdom than that. If all else fails we can just gaze into the eyes of Ryan Kwanten.

Knights of Badassdom has no set release date as of yet.

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