Preview: Barbara Steele in The Butterfly Room

We were in two minds to write about upcoming Italian horror, The Butterfly Room. It looks like a stunning genre film with a thoroughly impressive cast, yet we were not sure whether to promote a film where the distributors are stupid enough to block the availability of the trailer in the UK.

The Butterfly Room follows Ann (Barbara Steele), a reclusive yet elegant lady with a fixation for butterflies. She soon forms an unlikely bond with local girl, Alice (Julia Putnam), with pair forming a disturbing mother-daughter relationship.

We're not familiar with director, Jonathan Zarantonello's prior work but from the looks of the teaser below, the Italian filmmaker has a keen visual flair and skill for crafting brooding atmosphere. Another reason to get excited is for the cast of cult horror icons - the ever glamorous horror Queen, Barbara Steele takes the lead role of Ann, with Ray Wise, Heather Langenkamp and PJ Soles all on board for supporting turns.
The best we can give you is this little teaser (providing that does not get blocked too). More news on the release as it comes.

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