Feature: Top Films of 2012 (Summer Version)

Here are a selection of Silver Screen Slag's highlights of 2012 and why.

13. Lockout

It was a complete treat having the lovely Guy Pearce back on the big screen in this futuristic homage to B-Movie sci-fi and John Carpenter's Escape films. 

12. The Wicker Tree

Darkly comic, completely unsettling - Robin Hardy's The Wicker Tree was possibly the most outrageously quirky feature of the year and a wonderful trip back to The Wicker Man territory.

11. Albert Nobbs

We love Glenn Close. We REALLY love Glenn Close when she has a mangina. Albert Nobbs was an atmospheric, compelling character drama featuring a magnificent tour de force from Ms. Close.

10. Piranha 3DD

Without a doubt the most fun, unashamedly sleazy and trashy horror feature in years. Any film with David Hasselhoff, DD's, Chris Zylka, flesh eating fish and Gary Busey is pretty guaranteed a place in the Top 10.

9. The Cabin In The Woods

From the dumb fun of Piranha 3DD to game-changing phenomena that was The Cabin In The Woods. Joss Whedon found the rules for the horror genre and decided to rip them up and proceed to bring us some well crafted carnage. 

8. Prometheus

Sir Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi proved to be all that it was hyped up to be. Prometheus was beautifully crafted, dark and foreboding cinema at its finest. 

8. V/H/S

Just when we were all becoming sick of handheld camera horror, several of the world's finest horror directors decided to inject fresh life into the formula with the game-changing anthology V/H/S.

7. Shame

Steve McQueen's Shame is an exceptionally powerful look at sex addiction. The director's stark and minimalist approach combined with a ferocious performance from Michael Fassbender and a haunting turn from Carey Mulligan, makes Shame one of the most striking, thought-provoking films of the year. 

6. 21 Jump Street

A welcome return to the buddy cop feature with completely hilarious turns from Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. This is ridiculous R-Rated comedy that is fun from start to finish.

5. W.E.

Elegant, powerful and compelling viewing. Sadly, Madonna's flawless W.E. was the subject to a prejudiced press who despised the film from the beginning, but Silver Screen Slags saw the light - we love you Madge. 5 Madges. 

4. Killer Joe

Killer Joe is a magnificent example of modern-noir, with Friedkin proving to still be one of the most exciting figures in modern cinema. The director’s latest feature proves to be one of the most energetic, brutal, tense and darkly comic pictures of the year, featuring an unforgettable career best performance from Matthew McConaughey. 

3. Magic Mike

Magic Mike was far more than an excuse to ogle Channing Tatum (although no one complained), Soderbergh crafted a fusion of entertaining, raucous humour alongside moments of natural and delicately handled drama, capturing both sides of the stripping world.

2. The Hunter

The Hunter proves to be a beautifully well crafted, slow burning thriller. Dafoe's leading performance is mesmerizing, as is Nettheim's awe-inspiring direction. 

1. Carnage

The legendary Roman Polanski showed us he is still on top form with Carnage - an uncomfortable, claustrophobic, yet thoroughly entertaining watch. Four unforgettable performances from key players Foster, Waltz, C. Reilly & Winslet make this the must see comedy of 2012.

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