The Albums of 2011

I've not had the time to write as many album reviews in 2011, as I'd like to have done but, I've still been buying a lot of albums and listening away. Here are my top picks of the year (simply sorted in order of release - earliest to most recent)

Nicole Scherzinger - Killer Love
Standout tracks: Wet, Poison & Club Banger Nation.

The Human League - Credo
Standout tracks: Night People, Electric Shock & Never Let Me Go.

Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

Standout tracks: I Wanna Go, How I Roll & Trouble For Me

Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now
Standout tracks: All You Need Is Now, Leave A Light On and Girl Panic.

RuPaul - Glamazon
Standout tracks: Glamazon, Click Clack (Make Dat Money) & (Here It Comes) Around Again.

Jordan Knight - Unfinished

Standout tracks: Let's Go Higher, Rockstar & Up N' Down

Lady Gaga - Born This Way
Standout Tracks: Government Hooker, You and I & Born This Way.

Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams
Standout Tracks: For What It's Worth & Everybody Loves You

Beyonce - 4
Standout Tracks: Run The World (Girls), Love On Top & Countdown

Barry Manilow - 15 Minutes
Standout Tracks: Bring On Tomorrow, Work The Room & Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Ziggy Marley - Wild and Free
Standout Tracks:  Wild and Free, Forward To Love & A Sign

Dolly Parton - Better Day
Standout Tracks: In The Meantime, Together You and I & The Sacrifice

Glen Campbell - Ghost On The Canvas
Standout Tracks: A Thousand Lifetimes & Strong

Will Young - Echoes
Standout Tracks: Come On, Jealousy & Personal Thunder

Doris Day - My Heart
Standout Tracks: Heaven Tonight, Disney Girls & Daydream

Nicola Roberts - Cinderella's Eyes
Standout Tracks: Lucky Day, Cinderella's Eyes & Porcelain Heart

Superheavy - Superheavy
Standout Tracks:  Miracle Worker & Superheavy

Gloria Estefan - Miss Little Havana
Standout Tracks: Miss Little Havana, I Can't Believe & Let's Get Loud (Bonus)

The Original 7ven (The Band Formerly Known as The Time) - Condsate
Standout Tracks: Strawberry Lake & Trendin'

Joe Jonas - Fastlife
Standout Tracks: Kleptomaniac, All This Time & Take It And Run

Peter Gabriel - New Blood

Standout Tracks:  Solsbury Hill & San Jacinto

Steps: The Ultimate Collection

Standout Tracks:  5,6,7,8, Dancing Queen & Deeper Shade of Blue

Olly Murs - In Case You Didn't Know

Standout Tracks:  Oh My Goodness, Heart Skips A Beat & Dance With Me Tonight

Etta James - The Dreamer
Standout Tracks: Groove Me, Welcome To The Jungle & Cigarettes and Coffee

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Standout Tracks:  The Death of You and Me, If I Had a Gun & AKA... What a Life

Rebecca Ferguson - Heaven

Standout Tracks:  Nothing's Real But Love, Fairytale & Glitter + Gold

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