Review: My Heart - Doris Day

They say good things come to those that wait, and countless Doris Day fans are going to be incredibly happy with the release of her first album of new material in 17 years entitled, My Heart. These previously unreleased songs range from new material to covers of popular classics like The Beach Boy's Disney Girls. The album is aptly dedicated to Day's late son who co-wrote the new tracks and produced part of the album. It therefore makes sense that this feels like Day's most personal album. Here are some of my favourite tracks:

Heaven Tonight is an upbeat piano pop-ballad that really sets up the charming nature of the album and showcases Day's instantly recognizable voice. This was instantly my favourite from the album, purely because of the classy feel-good nature of the song. It features fun and light-hearted lyrics, ie 'heat up the hot tub, here's your back-rub' - well go on then, if you insist Doris! I've listened to it continually for the past month and haven't grown the slightest bit tired of it.

The album's title track, My Heart, a slow romantic ballad, talks of giving your love to someone entirely. It's an incredibly sweet track with Doris' voice being cushioned with a soft instrumental backing, really showcases her gentle vocals in full effect. By the song's half way point the it's in full-ballad mode with a terrific backing chorus joining Doris. 

Possibly one of the more surprising tracks on the album is a cover of The Lovin' Spoonful's Daydream. Another upbeat track with a slight soft-rock edge, it really has to be heard to be appreciated. Had someone suggested Day covering a Lovin' Spoonful song, I'd be shocked but it works incredibly well - you could say it'll have you in  a wonderful Doris-Daydream (That was cringeworthy, I know).

The album also contains one of Doris' late son, Terry Melcher's tracks, Happy Endings, which is quite excellent in itself. Doris introduces that emotional-ballad and it's incredibly sad to hear her talking about the superbly talented son whom she outlived. This really adds to the personal feel of My Heart and it's a fitting tribute for the man behind the album's production to feature on it himself.

My Heart really has a timeless feel, it's so nice to have some new material from a true Hollywood legend. Every piece of music on the album is charming and once again shows us that Doris is one of a kind. Now I'm off to fill up that hot tub, I hear there's a back rub waiting for me too.

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