Preview: Joyful Noise

Yes it looks cheesy. Yes the story sounds like it's been done before in various other formats. But Joyful Noise has Dolly Parton. And everyone likes Dolly Parton (if you're thinking "I don't like Dolly Parton", well then you have no soul). This fun flick looks at two choir members (Dolly and Queen Latifah) feuding over how to win a national choir competition. Throw in a few musical numbers and some jokes about Dolly's boobs and you might possibly have the greatest film of all time.

Another country legend, Kris Kristofferson, also stars, so expect a great soundtrack and some good scenes with Dolly.  Although, there does seem to be an annoying subplot with younger characters which could get in the way of the fun, but as soon as the gospel version of Man in the Mirror starts I don't care what I else is going.

Expect harmless, feel-good fun and I'm sure you'll go in enjoying this. You can see the trailer here. It's expected in US cinemas Jan 2012!

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