Preview: The Last Circus

I enjoy my fair bit of Spanish horror. I also like clowns. The Last Circus makes me happy. Set in 1937, it follows a happy circus clown interrupted mid-performance and forced into joining the Spanish militia. Naturally, he keeps his clown costume on and grabs a machete. The narrative takes  little twist by jumping forward to 1973, following the happy clown's son - who unfortunately does not have his father's gift at playing a happy clown and instead always placed in the role of the sad clown. A rivalry soon begins between the sad clown and the circus' 'wife beating' happy clown, Javier.

Although that sounds amazing - it was not that the got me interested in The Last Circus, it was the photos below.   I can't wait for The Last Circus it sounds darkly comic and completely original.

It's already done well in it's native Spain but it's likely to go direct to DVD elsewhere. You can see the trailer HERE.

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