Forgotten Classic: Under The Cherry Moon

Prince's first directorial feature was slated critically and even by some of the film's stars. Kristin Scott-Thomas has made her fair share of bitchy comments about the movie. However, I'm going to disagree with all that negative press.

Under The Cherry Moon follows Christopher Tracy (Prince) Tricky (Jerome Benton), two Americans  living in Mediteranian, making a living by scamming single women. However, when a young heiress (Kristin Scott-Thomas) appears in town, the plan goes haywire as Christopher develops feelings for her.

Prince isn't the best director, but you've got to hand it to him for doing something exciting and original - making a black and white film in 1986. This use of black and white with the Med setting really fills the film with nostalgic charm. Prince and Jerome Bunton's performances feel classic as though they've been lifted from an Abbot and Costello film. The movie also boasts a fantastic funky soundtrack that really works with Prince's directing style - highlights include Christopher Tracy's Parade, Kiss and Anotherloverholenyohead. 

For some reason, Under The Cherry Moon hasn't won the cult status that it deserves - although it's held in high regard by Prince aficionados.
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