Preview: Trespass

Joel Schumacher is an incredibly underrated filmmaker. His past few features like the excellent drug-thriller Twelve and Nazi-horror, Blood Creek were limited to direct-to-video releases (If that. Blood Creek is still not widely available in the UK). However, I'm hoping his latest film Trespass does well. The film has a stunning cast featuring Nicole Kidman, Nicolas Cage, Cam Gigandet and Nico Tortorella - so it's likely to get a wide theatrical release.

Not much is known about Trespass at the moment, but it seems a simple premise - a husband (Cage) and wife (Kidman) are held hostage by extortionists. However, knowing Schumacher the film will have numerous plot twists to keep you amused. It's reported that during filming in 2010, Crazy Cage wanted to switch roles to that of the extortionist and his role was then offered to Liev Schreiber. However, after simmering down a bit it seems as though he returned to the role of the husband. As well as being a big cinema release for Schumacher, the film has a strong cast and what seems like a back to basics story, that I'm extremely excited to see. 

Trespass is down for a September 2011 release in Europe. Other release dates to follow. The trailer can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rolBdc_mjs and here are some stills from the film's Facebook page:

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