Preview: Red State

There are few things I despise more in the world than the Westboro Baptist Church. The despicable group of people who picket the funerals of dead soldiers, proclaim 'death to fags' and labels those around them 'fag enablers'. They believe that the apocalypse will come and they will start the world again from a pink cave in Jerusalem. Sooooo.... moving on from those creeps - Kevin Smith's film Red State features characters based on those scumbags. The story follows a group of teens whose quest for sex leads them into the lair of these disturbed fundamentalists. Religious extremism is rarely a subject tackled in the genre so this will hopefully be quite an interesting piece.

Smith does comedy extremely well so I'm extremely interested to see his take on the horror genre. With a sterling cast - lead by veteran star Michael Parks and also featuring Melissa Leo and John Goodman and an interesting concept, Red State is sure to be one of the strongest horrors of 2011.

Red State is released in the US on October the 11th. European release dates soon to follow (Most likely DTV. 
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