Preview: The Devil's Double

Lee Tamahori has produced some really enjoyable films like The Edge (and I'll even admit to liking Die Another Day) but he's also given us a share of rubbish - Next and xXx: State of the Union being prime examples, but his next film The Devil's Double looks promising.

Tamahori has got rising star Dominic Cooper on board as the lead in this, as well as a script from Michael Thomas - the man behind Backbeat and The Hunger. Based on Latif Yahia's novel following a man who becomes the double of Saddam Hussein's son. It will be interesting to see how this does, because films on Iraq don't always shout box office blockbuster.

With a capable lead, a more than capable director and a decent write, plus an interesting concept - I'm extremely excited for this. Plus, I love the insipid poster!

You can watch the trailer here. And it's out 12th August in the UK.

Plus here are some stills (don't say I'm not good to you!)

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