Forgotten Classic: Catwoman

Sharon always wanted to play with a pussy.
The Batman film series is magnificent. I love them all: from Adam West in the 1960s TV series to Christian Bale's turn in the Christopher Nolan movies. The same can be said for Catwoman - the character is as iconic as Batman. She's been played by legends of camp - Julia Newmar, Lee Meriwether and Eartha Kitt to the Golden Globe winning Michelle Pfeiffer. So casting the feisty Oscar-winner Halle Berry as Catwoman in the character's first solo film was surely a good move... Unfortunately most critics and cinema-goers disagreed with me, leading to Catwoman only making back $82 million of it's $100 mil budget. But let us rejoice in what is now a camp classic. Everything about Catwoman is over-the-top, it feels like a trashy 100 minute music video (even it's director, Pitof, sounds like he makes Ukranian dance music videos).

This sums up what you can expect
Instead of the traditional Selina Kyle character, Catwoman is now Patience Phillips a timid artist who works for a cosmetics company fronted by camp CEO's played by Sharon Stone and Lambert Wilson. Patience uncovers the company has created an addictive but deadly face cream and is killed in order to stop the news spreading. Halle's transformation scene is incredible - seeing her being washed up and licked by hordes of cats is hilarious. No sooner than that, than Halle's mastered backflips, death defying stunts and is also wonderful at basketball. Que cringeworthy scene of Halle playing basketball and shaking her booty to Mis-Teeq's Scandalous and you have an idea of the territory we're in with Catwoman. There's also something hugely entertaining about seeing her hiss at passing dogs.

But how could we forget Sharon Stone in this, one of the Queen's of Trash - she's a fantastic combination of Brigitte Nielsen meets Catherine Tramell with a little bit flashes of Casino's Ginger McKenna. You can imagine my excitement when Halle and Sharon embark on one of the most ridiculous catfights ever at the end of the film. As well as, Pitof's eurotash influences, we also have Lambert Wilson to remind us all Europeans are incredibly camp and evil.

Catwoman is a masterpiece of bad cinema and a wonderful piece of eurotrash. You can get it for the bargain price of 1p from Amazon TODAY!
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