Preview: The Bang Bang Club

Steven Silver's true-life drama, The Bang Bang Club, follows the experiences of four combat photographers in South Africa during the turbulent final days of apartheid. 

The film stars Ryan Phillippe, Taylor Kitsch and Malin Akerman, and early reviews would indicate these are some of their strongest performances. From the trailer the film looks set to give us a Hurt Locker type vibe, the characters living on the fear and adrenaline of every day life in this turbulent time. It looks pretty stylish and emotive so I hope this does well, it's about time Phillippe got some acclaim and to star in a film that actually succeeds. Expect some dodgy South African accents, but given the interesting subject matter and cast, I'm hoping for something pretty special. 

The Bang Bang Club seems to be getting a limited release in Europe, so expect it to be hitting DVD pretty soon. If you're in the US expect it be in theatres next week, on April 22nd.

Here's the trailer

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