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It's time for our Screen Icon. It's only Terence Friggin Stamp! The Golden Globe winner has done some terrific films and in honour of his new film The Adjustment Bureau (out today) we're going to take a look at his five finest performances.

5. The Hunger
Okay, so not necessarily a starring role but Stamp took on the excellent role of host of this short lived anthology season, until replaced by David Bowie in the shows second series. The Hunger, produced by the Scott brothers, showed 30 minute episodes on how satisfying your carnal desires can have dangerous consequences. Stamp opened and closed the show and had some interesting little scenes.

4. Superman I/II
"Kneel before Zod!" that's all that really needs to be said. But Stamp intensely terrifying performance as  the alien General intent on destroying Earth was one of the series high-points (alongside Gene Hackman and Robert Vaughn's appearances)

3. The Collector
Not the terribly 2009 film, but this 1965 gem follows a lonely man who kidnaps a young woman, purely for the purpose of having her there to keep him company. One of Stamp's breakthrough roles is not to be missed.

2. The Limey
Steven Soderbergh directs Stamp as a British criminal who leaves prison and decides to investigate the death of his daughter. The film and Stamp's performance were highly praised.

1. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Pure cinematic gold. I guarantee you, anyone seeing this will become a lifelong fan of Stamp.

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