Preview: The Way

Stars: Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez and Deborah Kara Unger
Directed: Emilio Estevez
Release: 15th April 2011 (UK)

Martin Sheen stars as Tom, an American doctor who travels to France following the death of his son while walking 'The Way of St. James' (or to the Spaniards, 'Camino de Santiago'), a religious pilgrimage. Tom decides to make this walk himself in an attempt to understand his son better. There he encounters several 'broken people' hoping to find greater meaning in their life. 

Why we're excited? I'm not mad about most of Estevez's directing work, however Bobby was one of my favourite films of 2006. Emilio showed he'd matured as a film-maker since his previous features (ie. the horrible Men at Work) and has gained a bit of experience by working in TV with shows like CSI: NY and Cold Case. Judging by the trailer of his newest film, The Way, it looks to be as powerful and moving as Bobby. We can see through the casting of his father it's a very personal film and inspired by his own son taking part in this spiritual walk. With Sheen starring it's pretty much guaranteed he's going to give an excellent performance in what sounds like a very moving film.

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