Review: Morning Glory

Great fun comedy-drama about an ambitious young tv producer who takes on the challenge of revitalising a failing breakfast TV show. The film starts as if it may go down the romantic comedy route, which it does to an extent with the Patrick Wilson-Rachel McAdams characters, however this is never overbearing. 

McAdams is stunning and plays the character extremely well, in her usual likeable fashion. Diane Keaton is excellent, and the character gets a few great laughs, especially in her scenes with Harrison Ford - who is perfect as the serious elder statemsan of news. Patrick Wilson is on good form as the generic love interest and also entertaining turns from Modern Family's Ty Burrell (as Ford's characters perverted predecessor), Episodes's John Pankow and Jeff Goldblum.

There's just something appealing about seeing Diane Keaton kiss a frog or wrestled by a sumo and Harrison Ford shout "Where are my God damn eggs?". For those performances alone, it's worth seeing.

The magic of the film lies in it's cast and is a nice feel-good break from all the Awards fare out there at the moment.  Don't expect biting satire on the 'dumbing down' of TV. This does not detract from the film being a light-hearted (yet slightly cliched) and fun look at the world of breakfast television.

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