Preview: Wake Wood

Originally the relaunched Hammer Film first feature, until it disappeared from the Hammer website and did not appear in their distribution section. It is rumoured that Hammer have sold the film on, and are no longer associated with it. When Hammer have put money into the film, this seems an odd move.  However, the film has now been re-added - so maybe they just wanted to focus on Let Me In.

The story follows grieving parents after their child is killed by a ravenous dog, they decide to relocate to a remote rural town of Wake Wood. They are soon exposed to a pagan ritual which can give them three more days with their daughter, but trouble emerges when they must give her back...

Aidan Gillen, Timothy Spall and Eva Birthistle star in what looks like a classic Hammer film. Let Me In, was enjoyable but did not have the feel or story of a classic Hammer film. This is set in the UK, has a strong British cast and feels like it could be a 60s/70s Hammer film.

DVD Release is due in February 28th in the UK. The film will arrive on DVD in March in the USA.

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