Preview: Kaboom

Plot: Futuristic take on the sexual liberation of some very open minded students.
Cast: Thomas Dekker, Hayley Bennett, James Duval, Kelly Lynch
Director: Gregg Araki

Why we're excited?
You just need to take a look at the trailer to see this is going to be vivid and refreshing piece of cinema. Or alternatively look at Araki's other films - Mysterious Skin, for example to see his talent as a storyteller and technically as a film-maker. The movie's got an exceptional young cast with some great actors - Thomas Dekker and Hayley Bennett are certainly two of cinema's rising stars. The film looks like a great blend of humour, thriller and well, almost seems impossible to categorise. There's also seems to be some pretty funny lines "Smith: I'm NOT gay. Stella: You're sucking off guys dicks to Lady Gaga playing in the background. There's nothing gayer than that." Festival reviews for the movie have all been pretty great, so fingers crossed everything gets sorted with the distribution and we'll be seeing the movie pretty soon.

The movie has been screened mostly at film festivals, but is likely to appear on DVD some point soon. If you're in the States it can be watched on VOD supposedly.

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