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Review: The Double Lover (L'Amant Double)

Francois Ozon excels at high-octane, sexually charged melodramatic psychological-thrillers. He took a slight break from this format for...


Music: Yonee Releases 'For Play' EP

If you've not heard of Yonee yet, then why not? The up-and-coming pop star released soaring anthems  Bombs of My Love  and Paradise b...


Music: Dannii Minogue is Back with 'Galaxy'

Australian pop icon Dannii Minogue has been enjoying a calm, no-pressure pop comeback in the past few months, releasing a variety of ecl...


Review: CW's Dynasty

As an ardent lover of iconic CBS late-night soap, Dynasty , the idea of a follow-up was always alluring. The original series ran from 198...


Shameless Idol Worship: James Yates

Those of you that are like ourselves and use Instagram to follow beautiful men, may have heard the name or recognise the good looks of Ja...


Review: Seat in Shadow

Artist and filmmaker Henry Coombes writes and directs Seat in Shadow , a Glasgow-set indie that explores the relationship between an exp...


Review: God's Own Country

Francis Lee's naturalistic drama God's Own Country is one of the more assured debut features of the year. This is a film filled w...


Review: Origin Wars

Actor Daniel Macpherson reunites with his Infi colleague, writer-director Shane Abbess , in Origin Wars (internationally titled Sci...


Red Band Trailer: Texas Chain Saw Prequel 'Leatherface'

We saw Leatherface return in 2013's thoroughly enjoyable Texas Chainsaw 3D, and four years on the chainsaw wielder returns in prequel...


Trailer: An Iconic Horror Franchise Returns in 'Jigsaw'

The Paranormal Activity films did a semi-acceptable job filling the annual Halloween horror release void the much more entertaining Saw ...


Music: Marc Almond Announces 'Shadows and Reflections' LP

Marc Almond has announced details of his new LP comprised of his personal spin on a number of classic sixties pop songs. The set includ...


Listen: The Beach Boys' Mike Love's 'Do It Again' w/ John Stamos

Mike Love, John Stamos and Bruce Johnson have been touring Europe with their Beach Boys' show celebrating 1967 album, Wild Honey , b...


Red Band Trailer: Cult of Chucky

You've got to hand it to Don Mancini and his Chucky films. There aren't many horror series that are still producing high quality...


EIFF17 Review: Strange Weather

Holly Hunter is the beating heart of Katherine Dieckmann's Strange Weather - an offbeat Southern road trip drama. Strange Weathe...


EIFF17 Review: Romans

Ludwig and Paul Shammasian previously brought stirring James Cosmo drama, The Pyramid Texts , to the Edinburgh International Film Festiva...

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