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Review: Baywatch (2017)

Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron attempt to reboot classic nineties television series, Baywatch , for a contemporary audience. The result h...


Euro-Horror Binge: Morgiana (1972, Czechoslovakia)

Morgiana is a Gothic horror from Czech auteur, Juraj Herz , known among cult film enthusiasts as the director of 1968 film, The Cremat...


Shameless Idol Worship: Ryan Phillippe for Men's Fitness

No one can deny that Ryan Phillippe is in incredible shape and has continued to grow even hotter since his days as a nineties heartthrob...


Shameless Idol Worship: Charlie Hunnam

We'd have a tough time trying to convince you that King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a great film, however it does provide some joy t...


Music: Baccara Release New Album 'I Belong To Your Heart'

We've been so caught up with Eurovision this month, that a brand spanking new Baccara album slipped by us. This new set contains titl...


Country: Brett Eldredge Unveils Self-Titled New Album

Brett Eldredge's sophomore LP Illinois was one of the strongest country releases of 2015, showcasing the singers charismatic persona...


TV Trailer: Naomi Watts in Netflix's Gypsy

Your newest Netflix binge will soon be arriving in the form of original series, Gypsy , starring Naomi Watts . The series sees the actres...


Trailer: Kirsten Dunst in Woodshock

Kirsten Dunst's CV continues to go from strength to strength - especially noticeable this year with a role in Sofia Coppola's Th...


Music: Niall Horan Has 'Slow Hands'

One Direction splitting has turned out to be a wonderful thing for music - turning one very pop sounding band into five eclectic solo ar...


Music: Shania Twain Performs New Single, Duets with Nick Jonas at Stagecoach

The wait for Shania Twain's new material has been excruciating for fans of the country superstar. Waits of three or four years are lo...


Music: Morris Day Releases 'Over That Rainbow' Video

Funk legend Morris Day  has released the official video for his latest solo track, Over That Rainbow , an elegant Prince tribute track. ...


Trailer: Dylan O'Brien & Michael Keaton in 'American Assassin'

Looking much better than you would expect it to, is American Assassin , Dylan O'Brien's first major attempt at a leading man ro...


Trailer: Christopher Plummer & Jai Courtney in 'The Exception'

It seems like it has taken an age for The Exception (previously The Kaiser's Last Kiss ) to arrive, but the Christopher Plummer star...


Country Music: Loretta Lynn Readies New LP 'Wouldn't It Be Great'

Loretta Lynn returned in a blistering return to form with 2016 album Full Circle, and wastes no time with its follow-up, Wouldn't...


Country Music: Glen Campbell Reveals Final LP 'Adiós'

It's always bittersweet writing about any Glen Campbell release given the iconic country star's battle with Alzheimer's dise...

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